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While working with a software company for many years, I have had the opportunity to use, review and write about many software programs and hardware systems. I don't get involved in the PC vs. Mac debates, nor the PageMaker vs. QuarkXPress arguments. I'm an artist by talent and not by machine ... so I can use just about any desktop publishing system.

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PAGE LAYOUT One of my first creative directors once said you have to be able to know how to use whatever program is on the computer in front of you. With that advice I learned both Adobe PageMaker and QuarkXPress, and currently work in InDesign. I am extremely fluent in all programs, using each to create everything from a basic letter to a multi-page publication.

DRAWING I work mostly with Adobe programs, including Illustrator and Photoshop. I am proficient in each program; however, I wouldn't call myself a computer illustrator.

WEB BUILDING I am familiar with basic HTML, but don't mistake me for a web programmer. Paired with a technical genius (and I have worked with a few), I can create some stunning web interfaces.

WRITING Although not the most exciting programs, I spend most of my writing time in word processing programs. I am also versed in Excel and Powerpoint.

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It seems like every time I update this section of my website, a new technical gadget is released that I just have to add to my computer set up. Without seeming so out of date, let's just say I am able to work on both Mac and PC platforms.

These are my specialties, but not my limitations. I have a certain knack for learning other programs quickly and easily. I am always looking for new adventures in life -- and always interested in new projects. Send me an email if you think my skills, talents and experience match what you are looking for in a freelance writer, editor, artist and designer.