art talents

There's an old cliche that some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. I think I was born with a lead pencil -- a yellow number two. I've been drawing all my life, and this section shows you my recent professional creations.

{ designs }

PUBLICATIONS I have vast experience working with all forms of publications. This section includes my work with newspapers and magazines.

INTERNET The World Wide Web can be a scary place. A friend told me a joke once: "The Internet scared me so much that I downloaded in my pants." I've faced my fears and can get around the Internet quite efficiently now -- and have a few web sites to prove it.

THEATRE I've had the opportunity to work in theatre on many different levels -- critic, actor, designer. I've included this section not because I do a lot of theatre work, it's just fun!

{ illustrations }

CARD GAMES I have had the unique opportunity to draw and design a new card game, Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot. The game is in stores now, and you can see some samples here.

DRAWINGS I enjoy black-and-white line drawings, pencil illustrations, chalk pastels and dabble in painting. I am also well experienced with electronic artwork, charts and graphs. Look here for a select sampling.

ILLUSTRATIONS These are my more technical drawings -- schematics, diagrams and the like.

I am always looking for new adventures in life -- and always interested in new projects. Send me an email if you think my skills, talents and experience match what you are looking for in a freelance writer, editor, artist and designer.